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Masilonyana 2020/21 State of Municipal Address (SOMA) tabled

Masilonyana Local Municipality Mayor; Cllr. K.S. Koalane

Honourable Mayor of Masilonyana Local Municipality tabled the 2020/21 State of Municipal Address today (30 June) at Tshepong (Kapps Banyane Hall) in Verkeerdevlei under strict Covid 19 prevention measures and regulations.

After the adoption of budget by council sitting before SOMA, the Mayor confidently tabled his address which highlighted economic transformation and job creation, job creation through skills development interventions, special programmes, infrastructure development, current and future projects subsidized by conditional grants, spatial development, human settlement, development local government and policies, institutional development and organizational transformation, financial viability, tariff setting and municipal grants for financial year 2020/21.

This address entailed promising growth and development within Masilonyana as there are currently ongoing and completed projects and future projects that aimed on developing local contractors and youth.  Job creation as one of the crisis on top in this country will be one on focus.

Water crisis that hit this municipality on past recent years seemed to be resolved as more projects of water reticulation, treatment plants and bulk water pipeline, some completed, others ongoing and budgeted for future ones.

Building of houses for community as one of backlogs is been highlighted by Mayor to be resolved and documents submitted to National Dept of Housing. Land earmarked by municipality and processes to complete the incomplete outstanding projects left previously appointed companies.

Renaming of Masilonyana Municipality to Dr. Winnie Mandela Municipality resolved and Lejweleputswa District Municipality committed to assist in funding the project.

In addressing the funding of projects’ implementation and development, the municipality will enhance Operation Patala which is informed by more than R750 million owed to municipality of which 20% is irrecoverable that contemplated to be written off. This cash flow stricken municipality is working hard on improving the situation. R357.3 million is estimated for operating and capital expenditure. Operating expenditure projected at R316.3 million. Capital expenditure at R42.1 million of which 95% funded from grants and 5% from internal. The surplus budget shown R1.9 million. About 34% (R108 million) of non-cash items constitutes big chunk.

R435.03 will be allocated to indigent support to all registered and qualifying and indingents.

Grants for 2020/21 financial year are around over R127 million for equitable share, R2.4 million for fonance management grant, R11 million to water services infrastructure grant, R1 million for EPWP, about R30 million for municipal infrastructure grant and for regional bulk infrastructure grant will be R153 million which aimed for Winburg water pipeline and its refurbishment and rehabilitation of water treatment works.

In conclusion of his address, Mayor Koalane stated that service delivery will never end and ANC government commits to continuously serve people and build service that is more responsive, transformative and accountable.

Masilonyana also pledges its support to ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ and RACISM campaign. And joining fight against brutal killings of women and children around the country.

Reported by Tankane Pitso